Ice Skating Right Next to the Ocean!

San Diego Has a Beachfront Ice Rink! Join us for a Coronado Bike Tour and then go skating in shorts practically on the ocean edge at the Hotel del Coronado! This spectacular San Diego beachfront ice rink features stunning views of the Pacific & benefits Make-A-Wish...


23 Years later Armando Sees His “CORONADO” Sign!

In 1988 Armando was hired to cover up the Coronado Beach Sea Weed from recent storms. He decided to be creative and write something. It took a couple of years but what an incredible piece of art! Armondo never saw it from above until 2011 when Jenny and Molly Cooper hired a plane and showed him. Here's a video of him...


Spinning in Paradise

We see lots of art on our Coronado Bike Tour but this is most riders' favorite. "Bring the metal to life. This is my mantra as an artist." says Amos. You can find out more about this incredible artist here...


Slomo Finds Happiness

John Kitchin is a neurologist who left the medical field because he wasn’t truly happy. John found happiness in a rather common activity: roller skating, which he now does all day, every day in Pacific Beach...


A Birthday Ride!

Aww, what a fun ride today on our Mission Bay Bike Tour with this family from N CA coming to celebrate Brandy's 30th Birthday! Love and laughter all day long...



Thank you Cyclovia! Encinitas in N San Diego was temporarily closed off to motor-vehicle access along a portion of Coast Highway 101 to allow cyclists, pedestrians and other non-motorized travelers to enjoy the roadway without cars. FUN, FUN, FUN! There were sooooo many more people this year than past years. LOVED seeing kids reminding their parents how much fun riding bikes together can be...


Ice Skating on the Ocean’s Edge!

With all the changes due to the re-model and then being interrupted by the Covid shut-down we sure are glad to be able to ice skate at the Hotel del Coronado again this year! Ride your bike there, skate in shorts and then go for a dip in the ocean...


Birthday Tour!

Birthday Rider is FREE! We love celebrating anything but especially Birthdays! These groups sure knew how to have fun on our Coronado Bike Tour!


First 2020 Tour!

King Tides Today!Tides were so big the Lifeguard told everyone to get out of the water!This Mission Bay Bike Tour was a fun group from all over Europe and Tennessee!  Scenic Mission Bay - a Warm and Sunny December Ride  [...]


Bike ART!

Kaleidoscopes from Repurposed Bicycles! We do love bikes here in San Diego! The project was designed by local high school students and organized by the community nonprofit Urban Collaborative Project. "It got the kids involved in the more technical side [...]


Riding Hills to the Ocean!

A Hilly Ride to the Ocean! Yesterday's ride was a bit different. Experienced cyclists from Atlanta wanted a hilly ride that included the ocean. So we started in PB and rode to renowned Windansea surfing beach. Along the way we [...]

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