Coronado’s Silver Strand

Some of our riders like a longer than normal route so we take them on the Silver Strand Bike Path with lots of Rest Stops. This is a great place for cyclists to enjoy the views as they pedal along the palm-tree-lined path leading from Coronado to Chula Vista...


Happy New Year!

Soooo many challenges this year - but I truly believe 2023 will be a GREAT year! Some say all you have to do is believe it and it will happen. Why not give it a try...


Slomo Finds Happiness

John Kitchin is a neurologist who left the medical field because he wasn’t truly happy. John found happiness in a rather common activity: roller skating, which he now does all day, every day in Pacific Beach...


Thanks Apple Maps!

Apple Maps offers cycling directions along bike lanes, bike paths, and bike-friendly roads as much as possible, complete with details like elevation, how busy a street is, and whether there are stairs along a route. On the Apple Watch, voice guidance and haptic feedback make it easier for users to stay focused on the path ahead...


1st European Riders in 2 Years!

The World is Traveling Again! This week we had our 1st European riders since Covid! Before Covid most riders were from Europe and Asia. Last 2 years it's been just Americans. LOVE all our riders. On this Mission Bay Tour we stopped for lunch at Dana Landing Market...


San Diego Skyline

So Much to See in San Diego! "Wow, San Diego is larger than I thought!" said one rider on today's Coronado Bike Tour. Here we are viewing San Diego from Coronado's 12 mile Silver Strand; a stretch of totally segregated Bike Path...


A Little Getaway

Take a Break and Ride Bikes! With extended travel still limited we have many CA riders coming on our Bike Tours. Rejuvenate and refresh yourself - you deserve it! This lovely couple took the longer route and saw all our Mission Bay Bike Tour offers...


More Bike Art

Hello Betty Beautiful Bike Art! It rained a bit off and on today in San Diego so no Bike Tour but I found this lovely Bike Art at Hello Betty restaurant at the foot of the Oceanside Pier.  


Environment Friendly Vacations

Bike Tours for Environment-friendly Family Vacations Bike Tours provide a bit of exercise and are far more environmentally friendly than sitting in a car for hours where everyone is staring at their cell phones! Our bike tours are just the [...]


First 2020 Tour!

King Tides Today!Tides were so big the Lifeguard told everyone to get out of the water!This Mission Bay Bike Tour was a fun group from all over Europe and Tennessee!  Scenic Mission Bay - a Warm and Sunny December Ride  [...]

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