Challenge Fulfilled!

After our flat and easy normal Mission Bay Bike Tour a couple of guys wanted to be challenged. SO I took them UP Mt. Soledad & down to the ocean. "Now THIS is something we never see in Indiana!" one of the guys said! Love my riders!


Sunny Day As Usual!

San Diego truly has the best weather to ride bikes! Oh yes, rain is sometimes predicted but 90% of the time it doesn't! Even when it does rain it's mostly at night - on the coast where we ride anyway...


Rain Brings Flowers!

Sunny Days & Flowers are Back! San Diego has had more rain than usual this year. Although it is much needed we are so happy sunny days with flowers have returned! See for yourself on our Mission Bay Bike Tour!...


Is It Snow or Sand?

Ice Skating at the Hotel del Coronado starts today, November 17th! Many of our Coronado Bike Tour riders do this after our ride. Many of our Coronado Bike Tour riders do this after our ride. I always bring at least one friend and make them take off their skates and then run barefoot in the ocean. Sooooo FUN...


Let’s Get Lost

Reason #308 I Call This Paradise! It's true I am easily bored but even after living in San Diego for 22 years there's always more to explore on my bike...


Coronado Kiteboarding

Don't be surprised if the next time you go to Coronado's beach you see a person zipping through the water (and flying into the air) while being pulled by a giant kite. The sport is called kiteboarding and it is the perfect mix of surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and paragliding. Kiteboarders are able to ride continuously rather than sitting and waiting for waves like surfers...


Feb. Ride: 69°

YES, Feb 4th was 69° & Sunny with a Really FUN Group! Did you ever wonder why we always call San Diego our Paradise? Almost never too hot or too cold! Perfect weather for a bike ride...


71 ° in January!

San Diego Bike Riding Paradise! The weather is why I moved to San Diego 20 years ago. Yes, it does get cloudy or even rainy sometimes - but not too often. PERFECT weather for cycling...


Mission Bay Fall

We do love our busy summer season in San Diego - but we also love our quiet time after the summer rush is over! You'll love it too - come ride Mission Bay with us...



Riding Bikes Unites Families! Or it sure seems that way! Before Covid most of our riders were from Europe but for the last year our riders are all from the US - and so many more families now. Hard to beat riding bikes in San Diego's perfect weather along the ocean and around the bay...

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