Sunny Day As Usual!

San Diego truly has the best weather to ride bikes! Oh yes, rain is sometimes predicted but 90% of the time it doesn't! Even when it does rain it's mostly at night - on the coast where we ride anyway...


Coronado’s Star Park

One of our teens requested seeing anything about the Military. So we gladly went out of our way a bit to Star Park where Memorial Day celebrations take place. The yearly service includes an hour-long salute, a Presentation of the Colors, the playing of the National Anthem, and guest speakers...


Rain Brings Flowers!

Sunny Days & Flowers are Back! San Diego has had more rain than usual this year. Although it is much needed we are so happy sunny days with flowers have returned! See for yourself on our Mission Bay Bike Tour!...


NEW Hotel del Coronado Rooms

All of the original rooms are being revitalized BUT keeping the finishes intact, with contemporary design enhancements to bathrooms, furnishings, artwork and state-of-the-art technologies to elevate the level of comfort and luxury. During the reimagination of The Victorian...


Coronado Birds and Art

Today's Coronado Bike Tour riders wanted to ride a bit more so we took them on the Silver Stand's separated Bike Path where we saw Egrets on the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge on one side and the ocean on the other side. We passed the Base where the Navy Seals train to this tunnel which brought us to the ocean beach...


Ice Skating Right Next to the Ocean!

San Diego Has a Beachfront Ice Rink! Join us for a Coronado Bike Tour and then go skating in shorts practically on the ocean edge at the Hotel del Coronado! This spectacular San Diego beachfront ice rink features stunning views of the Pacific & benefits Make-A-Wish...


Did you know????

San Diego is known as the Happiest City in America? Probably because we love riding bikes here! Come join us on our Coronado or Mission Bay Bike Tours.


Wizard of Oz Home!

Frank Baum Wrote the Wizard of Oz Here. On our Coronado Bike Tour today we visited the home where Frank Baum spent winters from 1904 - 1910. It's main street, Orange Ave., was the inspiration for the Wizard of Oz’s Yellow Brick Road and Hotel del Coronado inspired Emerald City. And there's quite a Love Story here too...


Biking Santas!

A thousand Santas ditched the sleigh in favor of bikes in downtown Milwaukee. This nonprofit advocates for accessible, safe biking across the state and set up biking education programs for children and adults alike. Last year the group raised $50,000!


Gift Certificates

Holidays are coming up so this is the perfect time to Give Thanks to someone with a Scenic Cycle Tours Gift Certificate with no expiration date! And you can join them at a special discount too...


UNDER Coronado Bridge?

We Do Ride UNDER the Coronado Bridge! YES! The Coronado Bridge was completed in 1969. The bridge is over 2 miles long, and curves at an angle of eighty degrees towards San Diego which allows US Naval and other large ships to pass underneath. Architect Robert Mosher modeled it after Spanish Mission Churches, which are an important aspect of regional history and architecture. This is just one of the many beautiful spots we ride on our Coronado Bike Tour...


Is It Snow or Sand?

Ice Skating at the Hotel del Coronado starts today, November 17th! Many of our Coronado Bike Tour riders do this after our ride. Many of our Coronado Bike Tour riders do this after our ride. I always bring at least one friend and make them take off their skates and then run barefoot in the ocean. Sooooo FUN...


Will it Make it?

The bridge's curve allows for lower gradients while still meeting the Navy’s requirements because the bridge can be safely crossed by motorists while also allowing Navy vessels to pass under the bridge. A rider on our Coronado Bike Tour took this picture last week. Did it make it?...


Haunted Hotel del Coronado?

Kate Morgan made plans for Thanksgiving weekend in 1892 to be with her married "boyfriend" at the Hotel Del. On the train there they got in a big fight. They got off the train mad at each other. She checked in to the Hotel Del by herself, walking the beach, hoping he would return. He never did. She was found dead with a shot to the head. Who shot her has always been debated. Some say it was self-inflicted, some say otherwise. Many say that room, # 3327 is truly haunted. I personally don't believe in ghosts BUT I wouldn't stay there...

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