Coronado’s Silver Strand

Some of our riders like a longer than normal route so we take them on the Silver Strand Bike Path with lots of Rest Stops. This is a great place for cyclists to enjoy the views as they pedal along the palm-tree-lined path leading from Coronado to Chula Vista...


Coronado Tent City

Todd Stands created this cool public art composed of 500 photos arranged like a mosaic, embedded in ceramic tiles in 2005. It depicts the historic Tent City...


San Diego Skyline

So Much to See in San Diego! "Wow, San Diego is larger than I thought!" said one rider on today's Coronado Bike Tour. Here we are viewing San Diego from Coronado's 12 mile Silver Strand; a stretch of totally segregated Bike Path...


Bikeway Village

This is Right ON the Bayshore Bike Path! Initially, this was just a Bike Cafe - now a Bike Shop and Brewery too! Today's riders wanted to go a bit further on our Coronado Bike Tour so we rode down the Silver Strand bike path and stopped here. Not sure what a brewery has to do with bikes but it sure was busy! They also serve lots of food...


Coronado Birds and Art

Coronado's Silver Strand Bike Path Today's Coronado Bike Tour riders wanted to ride a bit more so I took them on the Silver Stand's separated Bike Path where we saw Egrets on the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge on [...]

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