Coronado SS Monte Carlo – AKA ‘Sin Ship’

Tomorrow may be the last day of the year to possibly see this as the Tide needs to be REALLY low. I’ve tried other years with no luck!

The Coronado ‘Sin Ship’ was destroyed by a storm in 1936 and the wreck only reappeared 80 years later.

The 2016 El Niño storms cleaned up the shore and the SS Monte Carlo is more visible than ever. Excited tourists and locals have seen walking, climbing and even exploring the wreckage.

In the Prohibition days, the ship was anchored in international waters to avoid U.S. laws. People searching for gambling, prostitution or bootleg whiskey would take smaller boats out to the ‘sin ship’ for a night of revelry.

During it’s peak, the ship held 2,000 passengers on a weekend and a total of 15,000 people a week playing blackjack, roulette and slot machines.

There were rumors that at least $100,000 worth of silver dollars was buried with the wreckage.

Wish me luck!