The Ghost at the Hotel del Coronado

No one on our Coronado Bike ride yesterday quite believed this but the rumor continues…

She’s in the current room of 3327. It used to be room 302 in 1892. Her name was Kate Morgan. She was just 24 years old.

She was separated from her husband and was having an affair. She lived and worked in Los Angeles. She was like a maid for a rich person in LA.

She made plans for the long Thanksgiving weekend in 1892 to be with her “boyfriend” at the Hotel Del. His name was never really known.

They took the train from LA to the Hotel Del. On the train, there were reports they got in a big fight. They got off the train mad at each other.

Kate Morgan checked in to the Hotel Del by herself.  She used another name and said she was from Detroit at the front desk.

She would walk the beach waiting for her lover. She would walk the grounds of the Hotel Del waiting for him to arrive. He never showed up and she was so upset. She was seen crying near what is NOW the tennis courts. She was found dead with a shot to the head. I’ve heard stories she was shot at the tennis court area which was just the beach then. There are reports she died in her room. ROOM 302.  Who shot her has always been debated. The San Diego Coroner said it was self-inflicted. I’ve stayed in that room. It’s room 3327 now. It’s an original room. It’s built on a slant. So, the TV does kind of move at night. There is a freaky feeling when you walk that hallway or are in the room. Some guests have seen the ghost of Kate Morgan near the tennis courts crying. She has been seen walking that original hallway near her room. She has been seen by the original gift shop area.

If it’s true or not or if you believe in ghosts are not, there is one fact: Original room 302 which is now 3327 has been sold out on Halloween for decades and decades to come.

If you google Kate Morgan ghost, you can see an actual photo of her. If you are ever at the Hotel Del search for room 3327. You will know you are approaching it because you may get the chills.