Just like life, riding my bike doesn’t always make sense. But that’s why I love it!

It’s one of the rare things in life that lets you escape from the world, while also connecting you to it. I love to spin my way through forests, around lakes, and into little communities, I never knew existed.

Along the way, my brain disengages from stress. Life quiets down to simple rhythms. Problems seem to evaporate. Throw in a good podcast or music, and I’ll be gone for hours.

On a nice long ride, you start finding new layers of yourself, new bursts of energy. That’s when I feel like my body is actually incinerating little stresses and toxins I’ve accumulated.

I’m glad cycling has helped me stay healthy. But I love that it’s given me a place to depressurize. Leaning over my handlebars, I’ve come to terms with setbacks and made plans for the future. It’s where I realized I should propose to my wife. It’s where I mourned my mother, after she died of ALS. And now it’s where I think about my own kids.

The physics of bicycles may still be a mystery, but lots of things in life don’t make sense. And they don’t always have to. You’ve just got to keep moving.

Thanks for your Wisdom Bill Chappell