After Labor Day…

Our Mission Bay Bike Tours after Labor Day are so lovely and quiet even on the weekends - until you get to the Ocean Boardwalk at least where the beauty of the ocean will be worth it!!! Such a great time to come for a ride with us...


Slomo Finds Happiness

John Kitchin is a neurologist who left the medical field because he wasn’t truly happy. John found happiness in a rather common activity: roller skating, which he now does all day, every day in Pacific Beach...


A Birthday Ride!

Aww, what a fun ride today on our Mission Bay Bike Tour with this family from N CA coming to celebrate Brandy's 30th Birthday! Love and laughter all day long...


Calm Mission Bay Tour

Summer is Here Sooooo We do not offer Weekend Mission Bay Bike Tours during the summer because the Bike Paths and Boardwalk are sooooo crowded - but weekdays are fun for all! Click on an Image for a Larger [...]


Let’s Go Ride!

1st Day Back Riding Mission Bay! So excited to show our riders around Mission Bay and the Boardwalk today where we may see surfers right below us on the Pier! It's been a much needed break but we're back [...]


First 2020 Tour!

King Tides Today!Tides were so big the Lifeguard told everyone to get out of the water!This Mission Bay Bike Tour was a fun group from all over Europe and Tennessee!  Scenic Mission Bay - a Warm and Sunny December Ride  [...]

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