There’s Something Liberating about Riding a Bike!

by GR Cycling

There is something liberating about sitting on a bicycle and pedaling away to glory. You never know where you will go, but there is always that reassuring sense of achievement about doing something yourself. If you wanted, you could travel the world by cycle. The sense of freedom that it gives you is priceless. While riding a bike you will come across times in your life when you stop thinking about riding the cycle itself and engage in feeling the entirety of your body. Imagine the wind rushing through your ears, how your lungs contract and expand just like meditating. Cycling can certainly be meditative and very therapeutic. It connects you to your inner self and offers immense peace.

Cycling not only helps you build self-esteem it also nurtures self-awareness. It gives you an opportunity to recoup in times of despair. Leaving the humdrum daily life and pedaling away your troubles gives you an incredible sense of freedom. There’s nothing that can beat a calm and serene cycle ride, be it around the city or amidst the mountains. It’s an indescribable feeling! You are maneuvering your cycle just the way you want; independence can’t get easier than this.

Today, a large number of people cycle all over the world, simply because of the sheer simplicity and joy it offers to cyclists.

The advent of cycling has given rise to individualism and focuses on a person’s sense of identity. Cycling has always induced a sense of freedom since time immemorial. It is a truly refreshing experience for people of all ages. Whether you’re a child, a teenager or an adult, there is something completely invigorating about sitting on a bicycle and pedaling away to freedom.