Sunken Ship – Do I Dare?

‘Sin Ship’ was destroyed by a storm in 1936. The 2016 El Niño storms cleaned up the shore and the SS Monte Carlo is more visible than ever. Excited tourists and locals have seen walking, climbing and even exploring the wreckage looking for silver coins! In the Prohibition days, the ship was anchored in international waters to avoid U.S. laws. People searching for gambling, prostitution or bootleg whiskey would take smaller boats out to the ‘sin ship’ for a night of revelry...


Coronado’s Silver Strand

Some of our riders like a longer than normal route so we take them on the Silver Strand Bike Path with lots of Rest Stops. This is a great place for cyclists to enjoy the views as they pedal along the palm-tree-lined path leading from Coronado to Chula Vista...


Why is Coronado Bridge Curved?

The curve in the bridge has given it a famous and unique feature, and it allows for lower gradients while still meeting the Navy’s requirements because the bridge can be safely crossed by motorists while also allowing Navy vessels to pass under the bridge...


Coronado Tent City

Todd Stands created this cool public art composed of 500 photos arranged like a mosaic, embedded in ceramic tiles in 2005. It depicts the historic Tent City...


Coronado Golf Course

Today's Coronado Bike Tour riders said they'd return here! Opened in 1957, Coronado Golf Course is rated as one of the best public golf courses in the nation. Located just minutes from downtown San Diego it's sure to be a favorite destination for anyone that enjoys the game of Golf...


Fill Your Water Bottle Here!

Thanks, Coronado The City has recently installed two bottle filling stations in Coronado to provide a service to the public. One station is at Coronado Rotary Plaza and the other is at the Glorietta Bay Tennis Center. More are planned [...]


Ferry Option

Coronado Ferry Today's riders took the Ferry from San Diego to begin our Coronado Bike Tour and are now on their way back. Ferry ride is just 15 minutes and super fun!


Europeans LOVE San Diego!

San Diego Love! All 3 Coronado Bike Tours this week were from different parts of Europe. They sure were fun groups and seemed to really enjoy riding around Coronado. Here's what they all said was different from where they live: [...]


Coronado is a Winner!

Coronado is on the Top 10 List of Best CA Beaches! Coronado Beach is the toast of Southern California; it is a veritable oasis by the sea, measuring hundreds of yards wide. With its lush subtropical vegetation, unique Mediterranean climate, [...]


June Gloom is Fine!

We San Diegans often say "UGH June Gloom is here" Today's riders on our Coronado Bike Ride were from from Oklahoma had a totally different attitude. "It's warm, dry and there are no hurricanes!" was their response to a few [...]


Spring in Coronado!

Coronado in Full Bloom! This is the first year in a long time San Diego has reached it's ideal amount of rainfall. In fact, we exceeded it! Flowers like we haven't seen in years make our Coronado Bike Tours [...]

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