Memorial Day

We always love seeing the art of The Sandcastle Man on our Coronado Bike Tour. Yesterday was something special though, celebrating Memorial Day...


9 Reasons to Ride a Bike

Taking up cycling could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Whether it’s to boost your fitness, health, bank balance, or an environmental choice. Here 9 reasons to ride a bike, whether you want to improve your health, happiness, relationships or all three...



Goals are good for everyone - especially in these challenging times! Mine is in cycle to Spain Sept. 2022...


Gandhi Biked to Work!

Gandhi on a Bike Statue! For years, Mahatma Gandhi commuted to work on a bike on a 16km round-trip. Last year, a statue of Gandhi on a bike was unveiled in New Delhi—now that's the kind of statue I [...]


Wizard of Oz Home!

Frank Baum Wrote Many Wizard of Oz Books Here On our Coronado Bike Tour today we visited the home where Frank Baum spent winters from 1904 - 1910. It's main street,  Orange Ave., was the inspiration for the Wizard of [...]


I Like This Leader!

The Dutch PM rides his bike to the Palace to tell the King he's forming a new government! If you’ve ever watched coverage of a British general election, you’ll be familiar with the helicopter shots of the prime minister traveling [...]

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